Tips to Naturally Lower Your Blood Pressure

One of the common reasons why people become obese and at risk for high blood pressure is because of their unhealthy lifestyle. Unhealthy lifestyle simply means the person is smoking, drinking, has poor diet, and lack of physical activity. According to survey, these people with unhealthy lifestyle are three times more likely to die from diseases especially heart-related disorders and cancer. Hypertension is also another prevalent disorder that a person with poor lifestyle may experience.

Today, hypertension or high blood problem is becoming the number one health problem not just of Americans but of all individuals around the world. With more and more children below 18 years old who are becoming obese these days, hypertension is also getting more and more common as obesity is among the risk factors for high blood pressure.

So if you are one of those people with poor lifestyle choices, better think now. If you want to shorten your life span or put an end to it right away, then continue with your poor lifestyle. However, if you still want to live longer and witness your future generation, then start practicing a healthy behavior.

Here in our nursing home facility, many of our clients are hypertensive. We don’t always give them beta-blockers unless the BP level is very high. And on this post, I will share to you our secrets to naturally lower one’s blood pressure or keep it stable at normal level (120.80 mmHg). If you are one those hypertensive people who still want to extend their life span, these tips are for surely beneficial for you.

Have a healthy eating plan
Anything that is too much is bad to your health. Therefore, consume only healthy portions of basic food groups each day. For hypertensive person or has already reached the pre-hypertension stage, having a healthy eating guide is very beneficial. You may consult to a reliable dietitian regarding the recommended number of serving food you need every day. Take note that the recommended daily allowance vary according to the person’s age, gender, as well as if he/she has a disorder. Hypertensive people usually follow a no-cholesterol, low-salt diet.

Be physically active

Avoiding sedentary lifestyle by doing some exercises regularly helps a lot bring your blood pressure down to a safer level. There are so plenty of exercises you can do that are effective to burn the calories you consumed. For hypertensive people, moderate-intensity exercises like brisk walking, biking, and other activities that moderately raise the heart rate are said to be effective in lowering one’s blood pressure.

Drink alcohol moderately and avoid tobacco

The body requires a certain percentage of alcohol for metabolism. However, excessive consumption of could bring a significant effect to the body and one of them is to raise your blood pressure. Meanwhile, hypertensive people should avoid smoking because it does not directly cause high blood pressure; the nicotine content in tobacco injures blood vessel walls and speeds up the process of arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

Regularly monitor your blood pressure

Nothing is better than monitoring your blood pressure regularly. You can now find in the market user-friendly medical instruments for BP testing, which are designed both for home and hospital use. So make sure you have one of these home medical equipment so you can always track your BP level at the same time immediately take preventative measures whenever required.

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