Most Common Cases of Medical Negligence

In my previous post, I tackled about medical malpractice and medical negligence. In this post, we are going to enumerate the problems often encounter by a patient upon consulting a physician or undergoing surgery, which can be a cause of medical negligence.

When a medical professional failed to do what must be done, it is called medical negligence. It is a poor health care that causes injury, pain, or even death.

Birth Injury

Sad to say but among the common negligence in medical operations are birth injury claims. Along with the excitement for the arrival of a new baby is the risk of complications. These include brachial plexus injury, cerebral palsy, or infant death. For the mother, it could lead to complications from episiotomy or vaginal tears. Therefore, it is very important to be on guard during delivery to prevent possible danger.

Failed Diagnosis

Failed or late diagnosis of a serious disease creates fatal consequences, especially if it is a fatal disease like cancer. While the doctor has not yet diagnosed the illness, the pain and suffering of the victim continues. Even if the disease has already been discovered, the treatment may not be successful anymore.  

Undiagnosed Fracture

Untreated fracture is another common case of medical negligence. It involves a doctor failure to diagnose or correctly treat a fracture that causes severe pain to the victim. This problem virtually leads to terrible consequences.

Wrong Amputation

Another distressing case of medical negligence is the wrong amputation or removing the wrong arm or leg, for instance. Perhaps, it will be the worst nightmare if a patient experience this kind of treatment.

Of course we are always expecting the best from the healthcare professionals in white lab coats. So it is hard to imagine that the people whom we believe could heal and save us will also be the one to harm us. However, just like other professions, doctors too make a mistake. But it could no longer be valid if the mistake itself will already end one’s life.              

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