Top Reasons Why CNAs are Lucky

Hey, here’s good news for nursing assistants like me. According to the most recent update of US Bureau of Labor Statistics regarding the employment demands for nursing assistant, most especially for the certified ones, it is projected that the opportunities for the said job will continue to grow to up to 14% until 2016. The reasons for this CNA job’s upswing include the increasing population of baby boomers as well as need to replace soon-to-be-retiring certified nurse assistants. Not to mention the population of CNAs who will be leaving the position.
For persons who have the same passion of helping others especially the elderly or those who have disability and can no longer care for themselves, becoming a nursing assistant is a very excellent career choice.

1. Job Opportunities -  Job openings for nurse assistants who are at the same time expert in using the different hospital and home medical equipments is expected to be more numerous in nursing homes and residential care facilities in hospitals. The increasing population of baby boomers is also another reason for high demand on CNAs. These people will be rushing in nursing homes and home healthcare facilities because in those places they are sure there’s someone who is always available to take care of them.

2. Help Make the Lives of Others Better - Nursing assistants primarily role is to help registered nursing in making the lives of others, especially those weak or sick individuals, to be better by carrying out the procedures administered by the physicians.

3. A Chance to Master the Different Applications of Hospital and Home Medical Equipments - Only selected medical professionals are authorized to make use of the different medical applications found in the hospitals or nursing facility. These people are usually the highly skilled ones. And if you are one  of the CNAs, you might be lucky to use  such tools also.

4. Good salary - A certified nurse assistant can also expect to receive a good salary. Those who are assigned in a much richer state often receive a higher salary rate. 
By the way, if by any chance you landed a job as nursing assistant, your primary task is to support the nursing staff in providing the basic care needs of the patients. As a nursing assistant, you will be required to lift the patient from time to time so that they won’t develop bedsores. You will also assist them in changing their clothing or getting to the bathroom. Apart from monitoring the vital signs of the patients using the different home medical equipment like blood pressure device and thermometer, it is also included in the tasks of certified nursing assistants to administer IV medications. With these tasks, you might probably say that CNAs job is really exhausting especially on times when the ratio of patient-to-nurse is particularly high. But if you really have the desire to help or improve other’s life, all these things are nothing. 

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