10 Medical Equipments and Products that Nursing Home Must Have

Similar to other healthcare facilities, nursing homes are also equipped with a number of medical equipments that will help caregivers or nursing assistants like me to effectively carry out our every day duties to people who require constant nursing care and have significant deficiencies with activities of daily living. Below is a list of home medical equipment and products essential in my duty. By the way, I work in an assisted living type of nursing home care.

Sphygmomanometer – This serve as a blood pressure device in order for me to accurately monitor the BP reading of my client. Through this, I am able to save my patient from possible hypertension or hypotension. Blood pressure device comes in various types but I feel more comfortable the one with an analog manometer.

Thermometer – This instrument is very essential in getting my patient’s body temperature. And it is so impossible to determine whether the person is suffering from hypo- or hyperthermia without using a reliable thermometer. There are two classifications of thermometer – the glass thermometer and the digital thermometer. I often use the latter device it is easier and safer to use.

Heart Monitor – Portable heart monitor is another important home medical equipment for me when working in nursing homes. Through this, I become aware the heart condition of my patients.

Wheelchair – The wheelchair is among the important ambulatory devices for those who cannot walk. But aside from them, I also use wheelchair to safely and comfortably transport my patient from one place to another. Wheelchairs are available in two types – automatically operated and manually operated. From these two types of ambulatory device, I am at ease in using a manual wheelchair to my patient.

Crutches – This is another essential mobility device for my patients who have mobility impairment or an injury that limits his or her walking ability.

Gloves – They are part of the personal protective equipment required for every healthcare workers like me. Gloves help protect my hands from being exposed to harmful germs and bodily fluids, which often causes cross-contamination.

Disinfectants – Preventing the spread of infection is always the first priority in healthcare facility. This is the reason why every healthcare worker should have with them a disinfectant like hand sanitizer, antibacterial soap, antibacterial wipes, and sterilizer solution in order to keep ourselves, the facility, and the equipments clean.

Forceps – This handheld, hinged instrument is intended for grasping and holding objects. Its functionality is something that a healthcare professional truly appreciate because without this device, it is very difficult too large fingers to grasp small objects or to hold several objects at one time yet the other hand is busy performing other tasks. The forceps also help in preventing cross-contamination.

First Aid Products – Gauze, bandage, adhesive tape, antibiotic ointment, instant cold pack, and doctor prescribed drugs are just some of the medical products that should be included in a nursing assistant’s first aid kit. They are all necessary when giving first aid like burns, cuts, bruises, sprains, breaks, etc.

Scissors – This is one of the medical instruments for cutting. Scissors comes in different types and the bandage scissors is the one that I commonly used. The said cutting instrument features an ergonomically designed blunt tip at the bottom blade to prevent accidental injury when cutting bandages.

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