Does Obama Health Care Act Beneficial to Every American?

I have already worked in facilities wherein most of the patients are in chronic health condition. From that, I can say the benefits of healthcare insurance to these ill individuals are undeniable. The difference on hospitalization expenses for patients with health insurance is absolutely amplified compared to those who have none. Patients with no health insurance are expected to pay all the services provided to them, from the medical or surgical instruments used to the medicines to the doctor’s fee and other miscellaneous fees.

But for the past few months, U.S. President Barrack Obama’s Health Care Act has been the talk of the town. The adjustments and added provisions on the House and Bills that have been passed by the Congressional Democrats are among the top reasons that make this health care law controversial. One of the adjustments made is the provision that mandates every American to buy health insurance by 2014 and failure to do so means paying for a penalty.

The opponents of Obama administration regarding the said issue is requesting to repeal the law because they believe that this Health Care Act violates a fundamental right of the citizens. They added that the Congress has no right to require individuals to enter a marketplace and purchase a particular product or goods.

In your opinion, do you think this Affordable Health Care Act of President Obama is beneficial to everyone?

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