Why Do Healthcare Professionals Still Choose Mercury Sphygmomanometer?

Monitoring your blood pressure regularly provides a number of benefits. First, it lets you make early diagnosis of abnormal blood pressure level.   From the BP monitoring result, you and your doctor are able to determine what is the best care or treatment for your condition. Another advantage of checking your blood pressure is that it makes you become more responsible at the same time boosts your self-control. Being at risk of hypotension or hypertension likewise enables you learn how to avoid those things that will aggravate your condition. And with that, you gain a stronger sense of responsibility. Moreover, maintaining your BP reading within normal level definitely reduces your healthcare expenditure.  

Checking your BP level is not possible without the aid of a blood pressure device called sphygmomanometer. It is one of the most important medical instruments that should always be found in every home. The sphygmomanometers, just like any other hospital and home medical instruments, have also undergone series of improvements. The first type of BP monitoring device was invented by Samuel Siegfried Karl Ritter von Basch and this instrument is universally known as mercury sphygmomanometer. After this, a BP device with manometer or an aneroid sphygmomanometer is then discovered. When electronic devices become popular, digital or electronic blood pressure devices are also introduced in the market.  This latter version of sphygmomanometer is offered with manual or automatic inflation.

Although more innovative and user-friendly blood pressure devices are now offered in the market, many healthcare professionals, including myself, still prefer to use mercury sphygmomanometer for some reasons. First of all, this medical instrument cannot be decalibrated so you do not have to clean or repair it regularly. In terms of reliability, you can expect that this type of blood pressure device will always give you a consistently accurate result. Additionally, the mercury sphygmomanometer is cheaper than the modern styles. 

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