What to Expect in this A Nursing Assistant's Online Journal?

Writing is one of my passions. Whenever I have a spare time, I often spend it into blogging because with this kind of hobby, I am able to continuously exercise and further enhance my skills in writing. Professionally, I work as a nursing assistant in one of the healthcare institutions in Florida. Every day, I use different instruments to my clients who are mostly aged. With my basic knowledge on medical or nursing diagnostic tools, I decided to create an exclusive blog about the different medical equipments and instruments that medical and nursing practitioners like me often use when checking the patient's health condition.  Expect to learn  about the brief history of various diagnostic tools (if they have) as well as their proper usage and maintenance. I will also include in this blog some of the medical equipments or tools that each one of us should always have in our home and the reasons why we should have them. From time to time, I will be featuring too some of the latest medical gadgets that will aid in diagnosing or treating health disorders as well as some of the current issues in the healthcare industry.

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